Gemfest Pendant Raffle – Term and Conditions

  • The First Prize Pendant will only be delivered to an Australian Address.
  • First Prize: is a Sapphire & Diamond Pendant valued at: $32,185.00
  • The Book Buyers Prize: If the winner purchased a book in the winners name they also receive $500 cash.
  • A Book is: 5 tickets for $10 and the 5 tickets must be in the same name to win the book buyers prize.
  • The Gemfest Raffle will be Drawn on Sunday 11th August 2019 at approx. 3pm on site at Gemfest.
  • Tickets sold in printed paper form are: $2 each (5 tickets for $10)
  • Tickets sold online are:  5 tickets for $10 (there are no individual tickets sold for $2 online.
  • Online Sales will end on Monday 5th August 2019 at 8am.
  • Printed tickets will be on sale till Sunday 11th August 2019.