Experience Gemfest

So Much to See & Do

Let us take you on a tour of Gemfest to give you a feel for what you’ll find at Australia’s Premier Gem Festival. Simply click the button at the bottom of each page to go to the next section…

Doesn’t look like much, eh? Don’t be deceived… the School of the Arts backs onto the expanse of the Allan King Memorial Park, providing plenty of space for our remarkable festival.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Your first experience of Gemfest will be to meet some of our volunteers. The event is almost entirely run by volunteers, people from all around Australia who love The Gemfields and our festival. It is fair to say that Gemfest simply wouldn’t exist without them.

After purchasing your ticket, either a day pass or the fantastic value 4-day “Gemfest Passport” you’ll progress through our entry foyer. We’ll give you a show bag filled with info from our exhibitors and sponsors, and invite you to fill out an entry for our daily luck gate prize. You’re already in with a chance to win a fabulous gemstone prize simply by showing up!

You might also like to purchase a souvenir of your trip, such as a T-shirt or copy of the old movie about the Gemfields, Buddies. What??? You haven’t seen it? Well, this is your big chance.


Download the Gemfields tourism brochure to see what the region has to offer including accommodation options. Alternatively visit our Community Directory to book.