Artisan Traders

Creating, Designing and Entertaining the Crowd at Gemfest

Demonstrating their talents and skills.
Watch & listen to them demonstrate & create their amazing products.
Over the 4 days they will create, build, hammer, sculpt, paint…. then you have the option to BID for the items at Auction!
A momento, a keepsake, a masterpiece, a bargain could be yours! Hear their stories.
There will be an auction of pieces handmade at GemFest on Sunday 15th August
Be There!


Mad Metalwork

Jase Moore

Mooreys Mad Metalwork – Jase Moore – Metal Sculptor

Air Brush Artist

Jordy Castillejos

Air Brush Artist – What art wonders will he create?

Motion to Mould


Lana -will be creating pottery and ceramic and doing raku firing onsite

artwork lizard