Sunday 12th August 10am @ Gemfest

The Australian Buddy Holly show is a dynamic portrayal of an authentic rock n’ roll legend, starring Kris Knight as Buddy who recreates the hiccupping vocal and swooping voice of one popular music’s most loved icons   performs all of Buddy’s hits including RAVE ON, OH BOY, PEGGY SUE, MAYBE BABY, as well as his slower ballads including EVERYDAY, RAINING IN MY HEART and HEARTBEAT.

Kris has performed in JAPAN, MALAYSIA, THAILAND, NEW CALEDONIA, and most recently in a 6 week tour of NEW ZEALAND, and while in New Zealand featured on TVNZ GOOD MORNING SHOW. He is currently touring South Australian Theatres.

This show is made for dancing whether it is in the aisles or on a dance floor, audience members can’t seem to stay in their seats and Buddy and the band encourage them all the way, with a musical journey that leads them through some forgotten classics and puts a live slant on some familiar favorites.

All the songs are played live as they were, and as they should be, like in 1959. What you hear is what you get, straight up, all the vocal harmonies recreated live, no computer enhancements, no miming to a vocal track, ‘It’s what separates our show from other shows, we are totally in the moment, every sound is ours, so we have to concentrate all night and we have to listen to each other and balance the sound between us, this only comes from practice, we have to know each other, you can’t do that with a scratch band put together for the gig’.

As one venue manager said “The only problem with this show, is they didn’t want the night to end, and wouldn’t leave”.

Dab some brylcreem on your hair, put on your dancing shoes, and get ready cause…


THE Australian Buddy Holly Show is coming to Gemfest!!!

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