Exhibitors Galore… Local, National & International Traders

Welcome to all the Gemfest Exhibitor’s for 2019 !!!

Hall Area

M&M Sapphires

McArthurs Jewellers

Sapphire Showcase

Quality Gem Rough Supplies


Cindy Kelly

Jewels of the Outback


Mall Area

Redraglyns Gems

Destiny Crystals

Beaut Gems

Combined Jewellery Services

Anakie SS silent auction

Lapidary club

Gemmological Association

Gems of the Capricorn

Burma Railway

SJ Jewellery Design

An Extra Facet

Fascination Gems and Crystals

Taylors Fine Sapphires

Market Area 

Global Health to Wealth

The power of Magnesium

NIAS Handmade Jewellery

Hans Arndt

Joe Sikora

Tom & Jackie Graham

Zebra Unique (Aileen Hackett)

Solar Batteries & Pumps

Garth Richards

Opals by the House of Avalon

Wanderlust essentials

Merv Currey


Springdell fruit wines


Madeleine Mortley

Cookie & Sandy

This Rack

Bruno Simonetto

Opal obsession

Creation Ministries

Kathys Kandeez

V&G Boutellier

M& K Holmes

Kiwi Dave

12 volt solar systems

Lapidary slab Supplies

Kooyong Furniture

Shona Nicholls



Mystical spirit

Sparkles in the night

Gourmet Xcellence

Skyline Jewellers/Lucy Hao


Gemfest merchandise and info

Our Jewellery shop

Just for you gems


BR Gemstones

Trevor & Jan Hannan

Department of Environment

Dept Natural Resources Mines & Energy

QSMA – Wal to confirm with Carol

GemCuts Pty Ltd

Lambert Industries

Gems and More

LA Gems

Universal Minerals

The Crystal society

d-d dragon designs

Big Sky Jewellery & Stones



Kids Zone

Trulander petting zoo

Science Centre

Facepainting by Kasey


There are 6 comments on this post

  1. Helen and Garth
    2 years ago

    Thank you for notifying us of the Gemfest raffle. While we were at Rubyvale, we did get asked if we would like tickets (somewhere we were- can’t remember exactly where) and we did get a book of five tickets. Look forward to winning the prize!! The prize is lovely and we do hope that you have a very successful raffle and a successful Gemfest. We are sorry we are unable to visit at that time.

  2. Catherine
    2 years ago

    Thank you for the email.

    I was only telling a friend yesterday that I could not wait to see this year’s Gemfest raffle as it sounded lovely on the ABC radio interview. So true, the pendant is stunning!! A real work of art and craftsmanship.

    Great idea to have tickets available on line.

    Best wishes for your event.


  3. Richard
    2 years ago

    Hi there folks. Just checking the raffle result. Nothing on the site as yet.

    1. president
      2 years ago

      The Winner of The Gemfest Pendant Raffle was a lady in Miles Qld T. Lloyd Ticket Number: 3468
      Thank you to all who purchased tickets!

  4. Jody hackney
    2 years ago

    I enjoyed the festival last year,2019. Did fossicing,at saffire and Rubyvale,great excitment being my 1st time. Was advised to have stones cut by Lamberts in Thailand.i was advisedby the company handleing the stone in the big white tent in Anakie,they would be about 3 to 4 months.. lamberts have my stones and paid for too, but still no stones back and its now April 2020. Doesnt make the recommendations from the people in this festival look good. Very dissapointed. Maybe you need to check them out before this year if it goes ahead with this virous around.. Regards jody

    1. president
      2 years ago

      Hello, Lamberts have been coming to Gemfest and Gemfields for many, many years. I hope you will try and email them as they have always been reliable as Exhibitors at Gemfest. Seeing as Gemfest is postponed this year they will not be on the fields till 2021. You can contact them through their website. Regards Gemfest


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