11 of Australia’s Best Cultural Festivals in 2018

11 of Australia’s Best Cultural Festivals in 2018


Every country has different cultures that truly define what it means to be a local.

And Australia is a prime example. From the western hinterlands and bush to the shores of Sydney, this continent is full of fascinating towns and cities that have unique perspectives to offer. And each year, a select few open their doors to festivals that rule the day, with entertainment and activities for anyone who’s looking for a new adventure.

FlightNetwork is here to present the most expansive guide to date of Australia’s best cultural festivals in 2018. In it, you’ll find celebrations of native tribes, strawberries, kelpies, and even Granny Smith apples.

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Check out Australia’s best Cultural Festivals in 2018 here:

1. May 12: Cooroy Fusion Festival |  2. June 8-11: Australian Kelpie Muster Festival

3. July 22: Pomona King of the Mountain Festival  |   4. August 9-12: Gemfest  |  5. September 1-30: Kings Park Festival

6. September 7-9: RedFest Strawberry Festival  |   7. October 1-30: Victorian Seniors Festival |  8. October 27-28: Thunderbolts Festival

9. October 20: Granny Smith Festival  |   10. November 10-25: Feast Festival |11. November 11: Newtown Festival


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